The Radio Shack Special Project 2016

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                                                                                                                                          RADIO SHACK SPECIAL PROJECT


Back in 2002, I found a schematic designed by Charles Kitchin. It was a Super-Regenerative VHF 6-Meter Band Receiver. I decided to make it.  It worked well and then I started my undesign with it. I remember, back in the day, there was a certain company that took major brand TV's, and undesigned them until the unit stopped functioning. I assume they sold them under some other name. I would also assume they had to pay less in making them...since many of the components were left out and the TV still worked OK.

That is what I had decided to do with Charles's VHF receiver. I then began. With not comprimizing for sound quality and station selectivity...I had gotten the overall count of components (which was 37) down  to 20! I was absolutely amazed how well it still worked. I then decided to called the unit...The Radio Shack Special...since most of the components, back in 2002, were purchased from Radio Shack. I put the little unit on a few electronic forums and a good many people had made it and was also astonished by the volume and carity of the unit.

So let the journey begin...whether you're new to world of electro-magnetics or a veteran in the field. Just click on the upper right corner and you be shown, step-by-step, on how to make the project...from beginning to end! My e-mail address is